Marsha Barnes is a Certified Financial Educator, with over 12 years of finance and facilitation experience including undergraduate and graduate degrees in Management and Leadership, Marsha has made a commitment to providing financial direction to couples, women, and young adults through her newest venture, The Finance Bar.


The Finance Bar is a premier mobile hub offering face-to-face and virtual one-on-one consultations, instructional sessions, e-learning and online courses personalized for couples, women, and young adults seeking to make smarter financial decisions and savvy financial investments. The content of our sessions are uniquely crafted around the need of each client, and each course is designed to guide you from a place of financial insufficiency to a point of sound financial wellness. We’re also stocked with amazing on trend novelties to keep you motivated and connected to your personal finance goals!

The Finance Bar aims to bring hope to individuals, families and communities by transforming their financial landscape via finance advice, solutions, and resources. Ready to live a financially confident lifestyle?

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As The Host of The Marsha and Money Show, Marsha’s desire is to provide a vocal platform for all generations to explore an array of important finance topics ranging from saving & budgeting, to retirement preparation. Combined with savvy and inspiring entrepreneurial tips and tricks, The Show is also a sounding board to tackle issues such as community service and self-awareness. Listeners have the pleasure of learning from guest experts and professionals that exude business acumen.

As an advocate of spreading the importance of financial literacy, Marsha has been featured in several media outlets which include Black Enterprise, Yahoo Homes, Fox News Rising, Fox 46 Carolinas, WGIV, WRHI, and numerous online portals.

When Marsha is not knee deep in her quest of promoting positive economic change, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and wonderful sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.